Have you ever wondered what it would be like to walk through the shop streets of Zoolandia? Or visit the very same Croco Doc consultation? Well, thanks to Croco Doc Pop-Ups, now you can! Simply download and print the PDF with the different elements, print them on a printer, and… Let’s get to work! Let the crafts begin! You will only need scissors or a cutter (which is very important that only an adult uses) and glue. It’s very easy: You just have to cut the elements along the edges, and once cut, fold along the dashed lines. Afterwards, you can hook the elements through the different tabs that you have folded… And you have a scene set up! In some cases, you will have to cut along the lines marked in red… These cuts will give the whole scene a very cool 3D effect! What are you waiting for? Print the PDFs and get ready for an afternoon of hilarious crafts in the city of Zoolandia!