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Croco Doc It is a project made with love by mothers, fathers, doctors ... and mother - doctors.
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the team

Creators : Michele Ampollini and Elisa Cuadrado Godia

Screenwriters : Michele Ampollini and Ivan García Moreno

Director : Paola Tejera

Producer : Enrique Viciano

Executive producers : Enrique Viciano, Michele Ampollini, Dolores Martorell, Lucia Geraldine Scott (Coordinación Italia)

Delegate producer : Ana Ruiz Aguilera (RTVE)

Animation Direction : Paola Tejera, Lucía Sancho Martín, David Tejera

Creative direction : Michele Ampollini, Alessio Giurintano, Massimo Montigiani

Line producer : Iván González Penedo, Dolores Martorell, Enrique Viciano

Pediatric counseling : Dr. Elisa Cuadrado Godia, Dr. Antonio de Francisco Profumo

Musical tuning : Pau Damià Riera, Jordi Sermpere

Musical direction : Daniel Rayos, Pau Damià Riera and Jordi Sempere

Creative supervision : Francesco Vecchi

Animation and visual effects : Rosa Milán García, Rosana Sánchez Chulio

Image composition and editing : Juan Luis Viciana Artero

Sound design and post-production : Daniel Rayos Sarabia

Voices production and cast : Ana López Díaz, Laura Violeta Trilles

Voices : César Lechiguero, Laura Violeta, Francesc Anyo, Paco Francés, Pau Ferrer, Eva Andrés, Silvia Cabrera


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