The series

The series

to Zoolandia

The first children's TV series OR children's show that introduces health problems in an entertaining and educational way.

Are you an animal with a health problem? Don't worry! Croco Doc will pay you a visit and help you get better. Do you see boys and girls? You don't have to be afraid to go to the doctor!

is it about?

Croco Doc takes place in Zoolandia, a town inhabited by animals. Everyone lives together there happily and peacefully. The animals of Zoolandia do their normal everyday activities like working and going to school, but of course, anything can happen! Jana the gazelle sprains her ankle in a long jump competition, Conny is worried because he has chickenpox, Tamara's teeth hurt ...

Fortunately, there is someone in town who can save the day and help them get better! Croco Doc is Zoolandia's doctor and he is always ready to help his neighbors. Whether they come to his office or he travels to an emergency, you can always count on him! Croco Doc is a fantastic doctor and always manages to cure his patients and put a smile on their faces. Along with Croco Doc, we will get to know his assistant, Hippo Crat the hippopotamus and Croco Doc's number one patient, Jinx the elephant. Hippo Crat isn't the most knowledgeable assistant but is very enthusiastic about one day becoming a fabulous doctor. Jinx is an elephant who is forever sitting in the waiting room with one problem or another...or maybe he's just a bit of a hypochondriac.

Throughout the series we will get to see how Croco Doc handles all kinds of real life illnesses and accidents. The animals of Zoolandia will learn a lot of usefuel things for their lives and so will we!

Croco Doc?

Croco Doc is a TV series with a clear educational purpose. Its objectives are:

  1. Educate children about the symptoms of different illnesses.
  2. Show children how to act in the event of an accident;
  3. Teach children about personal hygiene habits that can help prevent the spread of certain diseases.
  4. Use science, humor, and easily understood examples to help children feel more comfortable to go to the doctor.

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