Why do we get vaccinated? Is it really necessary to get vaccinated? Of course, yes! Let Croco Doc explain it to you. First of all, and most importantly, vaccines serve to protect us from many diseases such as rubella, measles, or mumps. These vaccines prepare our bodies for these diseases, so we can avoid getting sick. It is very important to know that we do not get vaccinated just for ourselves… There are people who cannot be vaccinated against some diseases for medical reasons. It is our duty to get vaccinated so that we do not spread these diseases to people who are not capable of receiving a vaccine. We not only protect ourselves, but we also help keep others healthy! These are the main reasons why we should get vaccinated, but if you have more questions, don’t worry! You can learn more about vaccines in our Crocopedia, in this section: https://www.crocodoc.tv/en/crocopedia/vacuna.