Today (March 12) is World Kidney Day! People are born with two kidneys, which are organs located just above their waist. The kidneys are super important organs which fulfill many functions! The first function of the kidney is filtering: A lot of blood passes through our kidneys, and they are dedicated to filtering this blood and purifying different components that go into it. The second function of the kidney is reabsorption: When the kidneys filter the blood that passes through them, the substances that our body needs (such as water or glucose) are reabsorbed by them. The third function of the kidneys is the production of hormones: The kidneys are not just in the business of filtering what passes through them; they also create hormones! Some of the hormones produced by these organs are erythropoietin or prostaglandins. The fourth function of the kidneys is secretion: If in reabsorption, the kidneys were used to keep the good things that the blood carries; in secretion, they do the opposite! In this step, the kidneys are dedicated to eliminating elements, such as some medications that are in the blood. The fifth and last function is the one we are most aware of… Urine! Our kidneys can produce around a liter and a half of urine every day, which is used to expel waste and debris from our body that does not give us anything. What do you think? The kidney is a super important organ, as you can see, and it fulfills many functions. That is why it is necessary to become aware of the possible diseases that our kidneys can suffer from and make sure that everything works as it should.