The first season of “Croco Doc” took place mainly in Croco Doc’s clinic. This season, the clinic will remain the center of action, but we’ll also get to see Croco Doc in other exciting locations and settings. Whether he’s exploring the wilderness, helping animals in need on the road, or making new friends, Croco Doc is always ready to help those in need.

In one episode, for example, the animals of Zoolandia’s school will travel to the icy forest where Santa Claus is said to live! In another, Croco Doc and Crat will meet at a roadside restaurant to see Nina and her moms, who have stopped because the little koala has vomited in the car.

So get ready to join Croco Doc and his friends on a journey through the entertaining and varied places of Zoolandia. With new spaces to discover, the second season of “Croco Doc” promises to be even more exciting than the first!