Firstly, we will get to know Carla, the nurse and ambulance driver, more thoroughly. Carla the gorilla is a healthcare expert and is always willing to help the animals of Zoolandia when they need urgent attention… Although she can be a bit rough at times.

Another new face is Sofia the zebra, a new patient at Croco Doc’s clinic and a companion to the boys and girls of Zoolandia. Sofia loves to draw and do crafts, and she will become great friends with Patty the piglet!

In addition, we will meet Bea’s grandfather, a dog who will always have some funny and old-fashioned comments about how to deal with certain problems… And several complaints directed at younger generations!

But that’s not all. In the second season of Croco Doc, even Santa will make a special appearance! When the students of the school travel to Santa’s village, in the forest surrounding Zoolandia, Scott won’t be able to pass up the opportunity to try to see the famous toymaker for himself…

We are very excited to meet and see all of these characters in action… And even some more! Stay tuned for more news about the second season of Croco Doc!