This year the calendar includes unique images… from the new season! Don’t miss this exclusive preview of the second season of Croco Doc, which will be available in mid-January 2024. Continuing with our mission to make Croco Doc’s wisdom reach as many people as possible, the Croco Doc Calendar will be available in three languages: English, Spanish, and Catalan!

And if you are new to the Croco Doc family, let us remind you that Croco Doc is the health series that entertains and educates… for the whole family! Croco Doc is our friendly and reliable crocodile doctor who lives in Zoolandia, a town inhabited by all kinds of animals. Along with his clumsy assistant Hippo Crat, the hippopotamus, and the serious but efficient nurse Carla, the gorilla, each episode addresses a different health issue, diseases, accidents, or hygiene in an entertaining and educational way.

Learning about health has never been so much fun!

We can’t wait for you to browse through all the details of the Croco Doc Calendar 2024 pages and enjoy the vibrant images that capture so many moments from Zoolandia. And don’t forget to stay tuned for the second season of Croco Doc, coming in mid-January 2024.

Merry Christmas!

Croco Doc

Download the 2024 Croco Doc Calendar in ENGLISH

Download the 2024 Croco Doc Calendar in SPANISH

Download the 2024 Croco Doc Calendar in CATALAN