From Monday to Friday, at 4:43 PM, Clan brings you an exciting new episode of Croco Doc. Additionally, on Saturdays and Sundays, you can rewatch the episodes that premiered during the week at 7:57 AM!

Each episode of Croco Doc addresses different diseases and medical issues, from appendicitis, tonsillitis, pneumonia, gastroenteritis… and many more! In this new season, Croco Doc continues his adventures in Zoolandia, teaching the little ones about the fascinating world of health and hygiene. Each episode not only provides entertainment but also imparts valuable lessons in a playful and educational manner. Children will immerse themselves in exciting stories while absorbing knowledge about health and hygiene.

Oh, and if you ever miss an episode or just want to relive the emotions, don’t worry! If you’re in Spain, Clan from RTVE and La Colla from À Punt offer you the opportunity to watch all your favorite Croco Doc episodes on their websites. Just visit the following links and immerse yourself in the fun stories over and over again.

Watch Croco Doc in Spanish (Clan)

Watch Croco Doc in Valencian (La Colla)

Mark the date and make sure to be on Clan from Monday to Friday at 4:43 PM to discover the new episodes of Croco Doc. And remember, if you miss any episode, you can always watch them again on weekends at 7:57 AM or on the Clan website.

Learn and have fun with Croco Doc, the favorite health series of the little ones!