Graduated from Zoolandia University of Medicine after many years of hard studies, he started out as a doctor and later became a family doctor. Over time he has specialized in many disciplines. Indeed, he is an excellent and competent doctor for the most diverse health problems. In very special cases, you can contact experts to help you, but in general you prefer to do it all alone.


Aside from the primary goal of treating patients, which he does selflessly and in accordance with the dictates of the Hippocratic Oath (which of course also applies in Zooland), Croco Doc is also very active on another front: education. He believes that visiting patients and seeing how they are is not enough, so he often does everything in his power to obtain more information and prevent health incidents from happening again. In the same way, he is a fervent supporter of "scientific facts", and that is why he tends to reveal the lies behind urban legends (or "fake news") that affect health, such as vaccines, homeopathy, etc. Croco Doc lives his work as a mission and is not content only with treating the patient, but follows his evolution until his problem is completely solved. For this reason, sometimes you will visit patients at home, but other times you will receive them at your clinic to check that everything is okay.


He is patient and professional. And this despite the fact that his assistant Crat, terribly inexperienced, sometimes does everything to make him lose his patience. Yet Croco Doc never loses his poise or gets nervous. He is very friendly and attentive with children. He has an office wall filled with drawings made by former patients. In fact, Croco Doc likes to remember his little friends that way. In the final credits of the series, we see the drawings (real and fictional) that the children / viewers have sent. For this purpose, an email address is provided for Croco Doc followers to send drawings and letters. Another peculiarity of Croco Doc is that he is a very creative guy. That is why he is willing to use various strategies to educate his young audience on certain aspects that must be considered in order to enjoy good health. If you have to capture the interest of a kid who likes Hip Hop, you have no problem putting on a backwards cap and singing a truffled rap of recommendations and explanations. In general we try to combine educational aspects with other more creative and fun aspects, sometimes using the song technique as a way to convey Croco Doc's explanations; other times, through visual tricks or gags.

Relationship with other characters

His helper is his cross and his delight. Hippo Crat is everything a wizard shouldn't be, but Croco Doc never complains, always trying to cheer him up rather than sink him, no matter how big of a blunder he has committed. Compared to Croco Doc, Crat always treats patients informally (they are still children), but with the utmost respect.


Like all doctors, Croco Doc is a normal person. He has his hobbies and his passions. We will see him go to the sea, to the pool, to the stadium to enjoy a game, to the park to sunbathe ... A lover of healthy practices, it will not be strange to see him doing sports: cycling, swimming, athletics, etc. Passionate about music, but certainly not very gifted artistically, he likes to sing and sometimes tries to improvise songs, even when visiting a patient, causing a perplexed reaction. Singing is clearly not among his best virtues.