How do you know you have them?

Your head itches A LOT. You won't be able to stop scratching!

¿Qué es un piojo?

Lice are very tiny bugs so they can be difficult to see. They live on your scalp and hair and spend all day sucking your blood! Lice lay many eggs each day. These eggs are called nits.

How do you remove lice?

Wash any item used, worn, or touched by the person that has lice. Wash your hair with a special shampoo to kill the lice and then use a special comb to remove the nits.

You have to be very careful not give anyone lice. They are spread very easily so try to stay away from people until you are sure there aren't any left! They can be passed from one person to another by touching their heads together or by sharing objects that have touched where lice are! (combs, headphones, hats ...)

And remember, always ask your doctor!


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