Broken Bone

Broken Bone

Be careful!

You have to be careful when exercising.
Bring safety gear if necessary and be extra careful if you're doing a risky activity.
A broken bone hurts a lot, and depending on how bad the break is, you may need surgery to fix it.

What is an X-ray?

It is a machine used to see bones. Thanks to X-rays, a photo can be taken to see if you have broken bones.

How does the bone heal?

A cast is put on the broken bone so it can't move. What you will need depends on the broken bone. If you have a broken arm, you have to use a sling. If you have a broken leg, you may need to use crutches or even a wheelchair.

What should you do?

Try not to move a lot so that the bone can heal correctly. If you have a broken leg, keep it elevated as much as possible. Call your doctor if anything new or unusal happens (if the area wherer the broken bone is becomes swollen, if you have new or too much pain, or if you feel any tingling).
You have to make sure that the bone heals correctly!

And remember, always ask your doctor!


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